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One code - two ways to add.

The IN3 Framework code can be added to WordPress as a standard plug-in or as an add-on to the theme. We call it by different names: the Plugin Package and the Theme Package, but the code and functionality are the same.

Yes, at first glance, two methods of adding code may seem superfluous, minor, or even complicated during the installation process. However, this is not the case. IN3 Framework can be added, activated, and deleted in a convenient and familiar way, like a regular WordPress plugin. As a result, there are no complications for less-experienced developers when installing. On the other hand, the ability to use IN3 functions as part of the theme allows professional developers to create and transfer one nice package to the end user, which works right out of the box.

Plugin Package
In this package, IN3 Framework is the standard WordPress plugin.
Theme Package
In this package, the IN3 Framework can be included as part of the theme. It installs and updates along with the theme. Ideal for theme developers.

This is just a small sampling of our Framework features that you will love in your future WordPress projects

metaboxCustom MetaboxesA metabox encoded with custom fields in HTML files makes it easy for the end user to enter data and to map this data to the front end for developers.
metaboxDynamic MetaboxesYou can make dynamic metaboxes from exported data to assist and control the user's data input.
codeTemplate functionsIN3 comes with many useful functions to simplify creating templates with loops, shortcuts, and control structures.
packageNon-Plugin PackageIN3 Framework can be used without installation as a plugin. It can be included directly in the theme.
uiAdmin ColorsYou can change the admin colors in the back end by changing the main color code. IN3 Framework will make the CSS file for you.
metaboxRepeatable MetaboxesYou can make a whole metabox (with unlimited count and types of input elements) repeatable
imagesManage UploadsIN3 Framework uploads images into folders named by category. It also attaches meaningful prefixes to image file names.
uiAdmin UIOur admin UI makes intuitive site content management for managers while leaving the traditional WP core interface for administrators and developers.
codeSelective LoadsIN3 Framework can help you load your JS and CSS files. It is possible to load files selectively in many cases.